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Saint Paul’s boasts an over two acre, multi-use athletic field that backs up to a tributary of Tampa Bay, Allen's Creek. Allen's creek is a brackish body of water lined with mangrove trees and home to manatees, spoonbill ibis, and a full assortment of tropical life. 

Saint Paul’s students are afforded the opportunity to explore the wonders of Allen's Creek from a kayak, paddle board, or sailboat. Students examine oyster beds, compete in sailing regattas, and paddle the stream to the mouth of Tampa Bay.  

The waterfront is also used for water sports like sailing, kayaking, and paddleboarding. Our Physical Education classes in Middle School, after-school clubs, and summer camps maximize the waterfront offerings. Many classes also use the dock space as an outdoor learning environment where curriculum is delivered,  yoga is practiced, and wildlife observed. 

Outdoor Learning Spaces