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The Saint Paul’s Lower School Experience builds courageous students by helping each student  discover their identity as a learner, as a community member, and as an individual.


Teaching children how to go forth with confidence and courage is at the heart of our mission in the Lower School Program. Everything we do is designed for helping children to learn how to turn mistakes into opportunities, how to advocate for compassion, how to communicate powerfully, and how to take courageous risks.

Student-Led Conferences

At Saint Paul’s, students establish their learning targets in each subject area, work toward them with passion and resilience, and then present their growth outcomes to their parents through Student-Led Conferences. Dressed in business casual attire, with work samples and a prepared presentation in hand, even our youngest students speak to the challenges they face as a learner, their hard-won accomplishments, and future goals.


Ruth Eckerd Hall Teaching Artists

At Saint Paul’s, our students don’t just put on plays...they create entirely original productions, under the acclaimed guidance a variety of Ruth Eckerd Hall’s most beloved teaching artists. Weekly improvisation classes prepare our students as they develop characters and a storyline around a theme of their choice. For parents, the final production offers a glimpse into the sacred world of childhood, where ninjas, queens, pirates, and fairies sort out the nuances of friendship, compassion, loyalty, and forgiveness.

Lower School Contacts 

Ms. Ali Flinchum

Early Learning Center (Infant-K) and Lower School Director (1st-3rd)


Mr. Jeff Hartwick

Director of Summit Program (4th-5th) and Middle School (6th-8th)


Mrs. Tara Campuzano

Assistant to the Academic Directors


Passion Projects

At Saint Paul’s, students follow their passions as they explore the wider world around them by developing in-depth, hands-on Passion Projects. These tempting topics excite the students, stimulating their innate need to generate, create, and demonstrate. Peek into our spaces during Passion Projects and you’ll likely see the messy inner workings of eager young minds in hot pursuit of possibilities and discoveries.

The Summit Program

Our Summit Program is a unique and exciting opportunity specifically designed for our fourth and fifth grade students in the Lower School.  The Summit Program allows our teachers to teach to their strengths and passions, while providing a deeper and more cohesive learning experience across all core classes.  This outstanding program helps to prepare our Lower School leaders for a seamless transition to life in our Middle School.