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The Athletic Program at Saint Paul’s offers student athletes the opportunity for holistic development. Participating in athletics affords valuable life lessons that contribute to the social and emotional growth of the students and fosters elemental qualities of respect, honesty, compassion, hard work, and commitment. We believe athletics acts as a conduit to enhance a student's self efficacy and service to others, helping to equip the student for lifelong success. 

Saint Paul's athletics truly mirror the most valuable qualities of our community, encouraging students to take the leap into a new sport or sharpen their skills in a familiar one, all with the support of their coaches and fellow athletes. For this reason, Saint Paul's is proud to boast an over 86% participation rate among our 5th-8th grade students in athletics.

Coach Chris Doutt
Director of Athletics

Objectives of Participation

​Work for GoodAt Saint Paul’s we need to remind ourselves that it is not merely our responsibility to avoid difficult or challenging circumstances, but to do everything in our power to meet challenges while leading, inspiring, and motivating ourselves and others to positive change.

Accept the Need for Development

​The Saint Paul’s athlete recognizes there is always room for growth. Success cannot survive stagnation, nor excellence complacency. For that reason, feedback is welcome and designed to prosper the athlete and encourage the team.

​Live and Grow Together

​Athletics offer the opportunity to discover our limitations and overcome adversity, together, as a team.  In addition, athletics help build self confidence and empower students to act with equity and equality for all persons.

Athletics Contact


mr.Chris Doutt

Director of Athletics

(727) 536-2756

Team Building