Summit (Grades 4 - 5)

Summit Program

Our Summit Program is a unique and exciting opportunity specifically designed for our fourth and fifth grade students in the Lower School. Our Summit Program is specifically designed for our students in these transformative years. We build executive functioning skills (organization, time management, ability to multitask, focus, and set goals) in our students by allowing them to practice these high-level cognitive functions on a daily basis. Our students are no longer in a self-contained classroom, they move to different learning spaces for each class, they manage a schedule, a locker, and technology under the loving guidance of their four core teachers.

This pedagogy also enables our Summit teachers to teach to their strengths and passions, while providing a deeper and more cohesive learning experience across all core classes.  This outstanding program helps to prepare our Lower School leaders for a seamless transition to life in our Middle School, where these executive functioning skills are essential.

If you are planning for a year, sow rice; if you are planning for a decade, plant trees; if you are planning for a lifetime, educate people.

- chinese proverb

Summit Program Leadership

dr. bethany mckee-alexander

Director of Lower School


Assistant to the Directors of Middle and Lower School

Our Teachers

  • Offer specialized instruction across all disciplines

  • Encourage our students to be good stewards of the earth and care for our community

  • Provide opportunities for students to take on leadership roles within the classroom and the school

  • Empower our students to be advocates for themselves and others

  • Address individual learning needs 

Bike To School Day

Eggstead Project

Our Students

  • Learn valuable executive functioning skills necessary for academic success

  • Grow and mature with increased personal and academic responsibilities

  • Develop their personal and academic independence

  • Courageously navigate the many changes that accompany young adolescence

  • Begin to develop their sense of self


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