Middle School (Grades 6 - 8)

Middle School


We promote an adventurous spirit through challenging our students to boldly explore their personal passions and expand their global connections.

Saint Paul’s middle school educators have a powerful opportunity to harness the energy and learning potential of this dynamic age group. With a unique learning environment  and intentionally small class sizes, our curriculum is tailored for a focus on critical thinking, making connections, creativity and forming collaborative partnerships. The middle school, grades sixth through eighth, pushes students to develop a worldview and prepare students for the finest high school experiences in the Bay Area, or abroad, as confident, eager learners.

We call it the BEAUTY of K-8...

And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Our model allows Middle Schoolers to learn in an environment with zero high school pressures. This is the time to cultivate tomorrow’s leaders and innovators in an educational environment that ENCOURAGES students to DISCOVER identities, EXPLORE their passions and develop a joyful, inquisitive approach to learning and life. Our student teacher ratio in sixth through eighth grade is 1:14. 


Middle school students take six required core courses. Much of this coursework is overlapping and interdisciplinary. Our advisory program provides robust social-emotional guidance that emphasizes concepts of communication skills, empathy, personal accountability, and community; our students are offered a safe environment with a trusted teacher-advisor to establish strong personal connections. This feeling of connectedness and belonging motivates students to embark on the journey of taking risks and moving beyond their comfort zone. After all, middle school is a chance to try new things and get a taste of new experiences.  As such, students have the opportunity to participate in Saint Paul’s Signature Programs to explore a wide range of enriching courses, including offerings in; the arts, music, and engineering.

For our eighth grade students, we offer several high school level courses in English, Math and Spanish,  so they can be on track for placement above grade level when they enter high school.

Middle School Contacts

Mr. Jeff Hartwick

Director of Middle School 


Assistant to the Directors of Middle and Lower School

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Saint Paul’s teachers spend quality teaching time with our daughter, and they make learning fun.

Saint Paul has given our daughter more confidence to be courageous, and the quality of the technology at her disposal is unmatched.

- sebastien brun,
former professional soccer player

Our Teachers

  • Prepare students for high school with an engaging and rigorous curriculum

  • Foster an environment that encourages students to explore their sense of self

  • Encourage students to seize adventure and opportunity with enriching local, national, and international travel experiences

  • Empower our students to be advocates for themselves and others

  • Specialize instruction to ensure academic and social growth

Our Students

  • Seize opportunities to explore their personal and academic interests through the classes they elect to take

  • Gain personal and academic confidence while navigating the hurdles and successes of middle school

  • Discover new passions and opportunities for leadership both in and out of the classroom

  • Begin to discover their personal identity

  • Create lasting connections and friendships within their community

You cannot predict the outcome of human development.
all you can do is, like a farmer, create the conditions under which it will begin to flourish. 
-Sir Ken Robinson, Author, Education consultant, Director of the Arts in Schools Project

Our Learning Spaces


Collaborative Learning

Mallah Engineering and Design Studio