Early Learning

“It All Starts Here.” 

At Saint Paul’s, childhood isn’t just a phase…it’s the whole point.

We commit to our students so they will act JOYOUSLY upon their passions and COURAGEOUSLY seize ADVENTURES and opportunities we cannot foresee.

Early learning is a celebration of development, discovery, and growing confidence.

Children surrounded by daily discoveries, respectful and impactful interactions, and burgeoning wonder are perfectly positioned for future growth.

Our program is licensed by the Pinellas County Child Care Licensing Board, and is accredited by FCIS (Florida Council of Independent Schools).

Together, these organizations help us to ensure that our facilities are safe, our practices are developmentally appropriate for all of our Infants - Kindergarten students, and our faculty are highly educated and supported as lifelong learners.

Teaching is not about answering questions but about raising questions – opening doors
for them in places that they could not imagine.

-Yawar Baig, author and life coach

Early Learning Center Contacts

ms. Lisa reimer

Director of Early Learning Center

Since our daughter first attended Saint Paul’s as a Squire in August of 2019, we have been so impressed with the impact that thE staff has made in both her educational and social development. 

The devotion and personal interaction of each and every individual is second to none. Our family has
felt like a part of the Saint Paul’s community from day one through the amazing “sponsor family program”
and many other extra curricular and social events.

- Craig Meindl, entrepreneur

Our Learning Groups

Infant Waddler Toddler (IWT) - Teacher to Child Ratios

Infant (2-12 months) 1:3
Waddler (12-24 months) 1:4
Toddler (2-3 years) 1:6
Early learning - Teacher to Child Ratios
Squire (3-4 years) 1:6
Junior Knight (4-5 years) 1:6
Kindergarten (5-6 years) 1:9

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