Doyle Towne - Early Learning Center

8 weeks - Kindergarten

Beginning with our infants in “Doyle Towne,” our Early Learning Center, we welcome each little citizen as a precious treasure. Our faculty is committed to knowing each child, so that we can help each one to flourish and realize their unique potential.  Our small class sizes and exposure to specialty classes are at the heart of our mission.

Lower School

1st - 3rd grades

The pulse of our Lower School Program is our highly-skilled and experienced educators who provide a rich learning experience for our students.  Everything they do is designed to help students learn how to use their creativity, to work collaboratively, to take risks, and to turn mistakes into opportunities.

Summit Program

4th - 5th Grades

Our Summitt Program is a unique and exciting opportunity specifically designed for our students in these transformative years.  We build executive functioning skills (organization, time management, ability to multi-task, focus, and set goals) in our students by allowing them to practice these high-level cognitive functions on a daily basis.  Our students are no longer in a self-contained classroom, they move to different learning spaces for each class, they manage a schedule, a locker, and technology under the loving guidance of their four core teachers.

This pedagogy also enables our Summit teachers to teach to their strengths and passions, while providing a deeper and more cohesive learning experience across all core classes.  This outstanding program helps to prepare our Lower School leaders for a seamless transition to life in our Middle School, where these executive functioning skills are essential.

Middle School

6th - 8th Grades

Our Middle School Program offers a powerful opportunity to harness the energy and learning potential of this dynamic age group. With a unique learning environment and dozens of signature programs, our curriculum is tailored for a focus on critical thinking, creativity, making connections, and forming collaborative partnerships. 

This along with our intentionally small class sizes , allows our faculty to challenge students to develop a worldview and prepare them for the finest high school experiences as confident, eager learners.



Full-Time Math & Reading SpecialistKindergarten through fifth grade students needing additional support can be referred to our full-time math and reading specialist for one-on-one instruction. 

After receiving his degree from the University of South Florida, Beau worked at Soccer Shots for three years and taught in Pinellas County for four years. He greatly enjoyed his time teaching in second and fourth grade, and is now extremely excited about the opportunity to focus on language arts and math for lower school, and being a part of the Saint Paul's community. He said, "Being able to give small group instruction will be such a benefit to the students, and I'm ready to get started!"

Full-Time Reading SpecialistKindergarten through fifth grade students needing additional support can be referred to our full-time reading specialist for one-on-one instruction. Our reading specialist is Orton-Gillingham trained and certified.

Serving Students from 8 weeks to 8th Grade

Doyle Towne

Infants to Kindergarten

Lower School & Summit

1st to 5th Grade

Middle School

6th to 8th Grade