Why Saint Paul's?

A K-8 model means no high school pressures, and more leadership opportunities for middle school students. Your child is known by all of our faculty and staff. Additionally,  this model allows the school to focus funding on more middle school programming.

When you choose Saint Paul’s, you’re enrolling your child in Clearwater’s premier independent school, and your family is joining a vibrant and inclusive community.

With roots dating back to 1968, Saint Paul’s has persevered through changes in the economy, technology, education philosophies, a world-wide pandemic, and much more. Through this we have been learners and innovators, using these experiences to provide our students a physically safe, and emotionally supportive learning environment where they adapt to the unpredictable, and acquire the skills they need for careers that might not even exist.

Our students present themselves with poise and confidence acquired through the encouragement of their teachers and peers.

Our Kindergarten through 8th grade model means ZERO high school pressures.

Golden Guest & Veteran Appreciation Day

Saint Paul’s is an excellent school that fosters and embraces education, curiosity, leadership, vision, and community. My children spent many years at Saint Paul’s and always felt cared for and were given an education they can be proud of. The teachers, administration, students, and families collectively form a sense of community which allows children to grow and reach their fullest potential in addition to instilling fundamental values which are the core foundation for any childhood education and development.

-Dr. Ami Degala, Immunologist

A safe, nurturing environment with passionate teachers and a solid support system.We encourage our students to become enthusiastic learners, with an inquisitive and innovative mind in a safe, supportive environment. The secret sauce is in our teaching staff who hail from all over the globe, are driven by unrivaled passion, and are experts in their field.

Our small class sizes allow the teachers to provide individualized attention to every learner. In addition, as an independent school, our leadership has the capability to quickly make changes, improvements, and react as needed to ensure that our families have the premier experience they have come to expect. Our leadership team is committed to continuing our mission in innovation and education, adapting to the world around us.

Our alumni take advantage of a lifetime network of success.

Serving Students from 8 weeks to 8th Grade

Doyle Towne

Infants to Kindergarten

Lower School & Summit

1st to 5th Grade

Middle School

6th to 8th Grade