At Saint Paul's, we think there are many good reasons to invest in an Independent School as well as a preschool through eighth grade model. Unlike K-12 programs that devote significant resources to the high school years, our resources are spent on building the important foundation for your child.

We believe waiting too long to unlock a child's potential could leave it undiscovered. People's development follows an arch with the steepest climb coming early and needing the most support. That's why all of our teachers are equipped with developmental expertise. They are not only experts on the curriculum, but also experts in how and when to teach the material.

As an Independent School, Saint Paul's has the ability to make its own decisions and create programs that reflect its values using best practices in education, and evaluating student progress through testing programs that meet our goals, rather than a state-mandated standardized test. We are accredited by Florida Council of Independent School (FCIS) and more. Additionally, Independent Schools can devote time to developing important skills that support students' wellbeing. We prioritize academic, intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development through a robust curriculum and an interactive learning environment.

Starting kids on the right path to become lifelong learners depends on finding just the right school fit. The education students receive at independent schools allows them to grow and discover who they are as individuals in a supportive environment that sets them up for a future filled with infinite possibilities.

In addition, our teaching staff knows that social, emotional and ethical development isn't separate from academic achievement but actually helps ensure it. So, by the time our students reach middle school, they are able to flex their leadership muscles in a way they wouldn't at other schools.

This approach puts Saint Paul's graduates a step ahead of their peers. By making the transition to another school for the high school years,  your family can choose the best high school to meet your child's needs. 

At Saint Paul's, we focus on childhood and early adolescents because we believe if you get the foundation right, then everything is possible.

these are the days when close friends are made; together we've studied, worshiped and played, a strong foundation to help mankind; growing in spirit, in strength and in mind.-from a song from our founding days

Saint Paul's - Clearwater's Independent School

  • Educating students since 1968
  • Is an Independent School (see right)
  • Serves learners from the age of 8 weeks to 8th grade
  • Boasts small class sizes. Student to teacher ratio:
    Infant (2-12 months) 1:3
    Waddler (12-24 months) 1:4
    Toddler (2-3 years) 1:6
    Squire (3-4 years) 1:7
    Junior Knight (4-5 years) 1:8
    Kindergarten (5-6 years) 1:14
    Lower School 1:14
    Middle School 1:14
  • Is nestled on 12 acres along the shore of Allen's Creek 
  • Safe, gated campus with monitored card access system
  • Has passionate teachers and families from all over the world
  • The alumni benefit from a deeply entrenched legacy network.

Benefits of Being an Independent School

  • High academic standards
  • Autonomy of our leadership and our Board of Trustees
  • Capability of making improvements quickly
  • Proactive not reactive
  • Talented and creative teaching professionals
  • Ability to maintain small class sizes
  • Personal attention
  • Innovative curriculum
  • Community driven
  • Deep and lasting friendships
  • Invested parents
  • Unique learning opportunities
  • A community drawn to a mission
  • A lifetime network



Serving Students from 8 weeks to 8th Grade

Doyle Towne

Infants to Kindergarten

Lower School & Summit

1st to 5th Grade

Middle School

6th to 8th Grade